Mweb 3g modem deals

MWeb is popular amongst many customers looking for excellent internet services and assistance. It is also the SA's largest internet service providers. See the MWeb catalogue for fantastic deals to save. Mweb is one of South Africa's largest internet providers, specialising in a large variety of services tailored to both commercial and domestic industries. Mweb business as well as domestic clients can choose from ADSL capped or ADSL uncapped, with gaming and businesses the uncapped option is perfect, but for those looking to set limitations, the capped version of ADSL will prove to be inexpensive and help you to maintain your internet usage.

Mweb fibre is fast becoming the next innovation to faster internet connectivity as the name says, it utilises fibre optic cables and light impulses to transmit data as opposed to electrical impulses such as used by ADSL. Mweb fibre is not yet available throughout South Africa, but is a work-in-progress. Mweb is also part of larger organizations such as Multichoice South Africa Holdings and a subsidiary of Naspers.

Mweb not only caters to businesses large and small but also to individual clients looking to connect their home and even gamers benefit from the services offered from Mweb South Africa. Mweb Cape Town is where the company's head office is located but its comprehensive support allows you the freedom to enjoy Mweb online shopping as well as great customer support.

Mweb is known to be one of the country's largest brands when it comes to affordable and excellent internet services and provisions whether commercial or domestic based. Microsoft Specials. Wireless Internet Packages. B MB Kbps. Cape Connect Prepaid Per Gig.

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This is a symetrical, unshaped service. This can be done instantly online using a credit card via the user control panel.

MWEB Capped ADSL TVC (Brenda)

B 1GB Kbps. Wireless Online Value 1. B 2GB Kbps.

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Wis 1GB Kbps Wireless. Wireless Online Premier 1. Cape Connect Capped 5GB. This service is traffic based and affordable, while still offering high speed downloads.

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Snowball Effect Wireless Snowball provides broadband Internet with speed of up to 2 Mbps. Setup and installation is relatively quick and easy.

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Wis 2GB Kbps Wireless. Neotel NeoGo Datacard. Neotel NeoConnect Lite Snowball Effect Wireless Uncapped k.

MWeb, Cell C in mobile data deal

Free Wireless site survey. Cape Connect Home Kb. This service is designed for humans who want to use the internet as much as they want - for some downloading, streaming media, browsing, and more.

The vast majority of our uncapped clients will be able to use as much as they want. However, we will take action against the very small minority who through their usage start affecting all of our other clients' internet experience. Wis 1GB 3Mbps Wireless. Wis 3GB Kbps Wireless.

MWEB uncapped ADSL and 3G bundles launched

Includes 5 email addresses. Cape Connect Capped 10GB. Neotel Neoconnect Prime 2. Wireless Online Uncapped Snowball Effect Wireless Std Home. Wis 2GB 3Mbps Wireless. Neotel Neoflex 5G. Cape Connect Business Kb. These services are unshaped and uncapped.

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Upload and download speeds are the same.