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Save time and money with the Kroger app! It puts convenience, savings and rewards at your fingertips. Just type in your prescription number, select your Pharmacy and schedule a convenient pickup time. Use it to create standard orders that will save you time. To use the Kroger app, you'll need a Kroger digital account. You can register for your account and link your Plus Card through the app. If you don't have a Plus Card, you can create one when you register to access all of these savings and rewards! Our latest app update is fresh out of the oven and available for download!

As a valued customer, your feedback is very important to us. If you need help or have a suggestion, please contact our Customer Service Center at All I do is browse coupons and the weekly ad. And when you view a coupon you can add it to your Kroger card or not. Bonus part is you can scroll up inside that coupon and there it will tell you the product the coupon is for, how much and what size. You could also see exactly what the picture of the product you are choosing.

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For browsing the ad you have the option of a list of the sales, same as the coupon you can choose which to look at, produce, floral, etc. You could also view the ad itself and if you want to zoom in the photo and print of the ad it is still so clear!

  • 1. You're not part of the Kroger Plus Shopper's program.
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So far so good! Great job Kroger! I began using the Kroger click list feature a while back when it first was introduced and it was very convenient. It was something that was very easy for my family and I to do after having a newborn and then became very convenient for our work and childcare schedule. However I have not been able to use this Kroger app to order a click list since September because every time I try to it says that my debit card information is incorrect!

I think the click list addition was a great and convenient thing for us as working parents and in general to conveniently pick up groceries on the go. I have enjoyed shopping with the app for weekly curbside pickup for about a year now and loved it. The latest update makes it very hard to navigate the ordering process.

I usually shop by scrolling through my recent purchases with an occasional search for something else. Now after a search my list of recent purchases has disappeared and I have to navigate the site to find it again. And now, when searching for items tonight that I know you carry, the message popped up that the items could not be displayed. If l had discovered my error at checkout I could have got my 5th item Kleenex for.

Stacking DIGITAL Coupons at Kroger!!!

Take time and study your shopping procedure. Costly mistake! I used to do several shopping trips a week when we lived in another state and the stores were located closer to my home. I just do a big shopping trip once a week or so now.

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  • 2. You don't shop the Mega sales.
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I wish I could do smaller shopping trips like I used to, I think it depends on where you live. What city is this? Our Kroger prices are at least double even with sales, buy 5 save 5 deals, digital coupons, regular coupons, and Ibotta. Maybe I need to move.

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Thanks for the Kroger shopping trips! I love Kroger! I also signed up for the fetch rewards app:. That is so frustrating that happend to you! As for rainchecks, we are actually advised as long as we know the item will be back in stock, to write a raincheck. I am so sorry that you had a bad experience!

I hope you know we are all like that. I totally agree that self check out is the way to go to make sure the price rings up right. I usually have too many items in my cart and use the cashier.

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I guess no doubles allowed? Overall Kroger is my favorite store. I just visited this site and read 2 posts.

I too am a frugal shopper. I see you use Ibotta. Just walking in and scanning items can be worthwhile. Trade points for gift cards. It looks like you are living off goldfish crackers and Cheerios. Your money would be better spent in the produce aisles than just stocking up on sugary drinks and refined carbs.

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I have never met Crystal but I find your comment exceptionally rude, Nat. Crystal is offering you and others a FREE service of scouting and sharing deals. You do you, Nat, and worry about yourself and your family. Please let me know where to find the Sparkling Deer Park. Just an FYI…it plainly states on the ad that those special sale items are while supplies last.

As an ex-employee of Kroger, I can tell you that hEr frustration could have been a full shift of situations exactly like yours and even though she should have been polite and kept her opinions to herself, it sometimes does get the best of you. I figured I would dislike it but I so fell in love with his character and his sad heart.

Glad to know you liked it too. A lot of my bookclub gave it a thumb down. Okay, I am sitting here shaking my head. Two people today commenting on how many starches you eat and how much protein you should have. My goodness, people, focus on your own lives and chill out. Alrighty, off my soapbox about that. I also prefer going to the store more often than having huge orders.

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Take advantage of this offer and get a perk to boot! Head over to the Kroger digital coupon page to load the new fuel …. You can get the following deals now through Saturday, June 1st. Nancy let us know of a new Kroger Fuel points promotion.

2. You don't shop the Mega sales

Head over to the Kroger digital coupon page to load the new fuel points coupon. This promo expires June 23rd. Go ahead and load your coupons for the 2 Days of Digital deals. Each week I will go over their sale ad, plan meals around that and shop, place my order online and got pick up my order at their curb.

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I never step foot inside their store. It does have a few hiccups but I am over all pretty satisfied. Read on for my experience…. To get started, I went to Kroger. Next, I reserved a one-hour pickup window and started adding groceries to my virtual shopping cart. I always shop with a grocery list to save money, so I found it easiest to just enter items into the search bar rather than browsing by departments.

Toggle navigation deals better than sky. Kroger digital coupons free Plus, I find that the cashiers and staff are usually more helpful when the store is quieter!